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    The legal warranty applies to all products that you purchase from us.
    This means that our product is what you as a consumer can reasonably expect from it during normal use.
    By normal use we mean:

    You use the furniture for which it is intended:
    1. A cupboard from This is Dutch is a storage system for belongings and as such is not a climbing device or playhouse.

    2. The cabinet is manufactured for indoor use.

    3. Gliding nails are mounted under the cabinets. When moving a cabinet, make sure that they are all in the right place before you move the cabinet. This is to prevent damage to the subfloor.

    4. Be careful of sharp objects that can damage the paint and or panels.

    With normal use we give a 5 year warranty on the hinges in our cabinets.

    If you have any problems, please contact us. The product may be repairable.
    This is Dutch can choose to repair or replace a part for free.

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