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  • Playhouse Stairgable/Steppedgable 120 cm

    Woodenplay Playhouse Stairgable/Steppedgable 120 cm

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    Children's playhouse stepped gable

    An easy to assemble and disassemble children's playhouse with headroom. Thanks to the smart system, it takes up almost no space if you don't use it and put it away.

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    Product description

    A children's playhouse with headroom! In this case in the form of an old Dutch stepped gable. Extremely popular during the Renaissance, but we're seeing a huge comeback! And then in the form of a playhouse. A 'tiny house' for our little rascals.

    This house, like all our wooden playhouses, can be quickly assembled and disassembled. It is almost 120 cm high, 75 cm wide and one meter deep. Plenty of space to play really well. The wooden playhouse has a letter slot, a table that can be hung under the window both on the inside and on the outside.

    • Roof height: 120 cm
    • Outside dimensions: 75 x 107 cm (Width x Depth)
    • Sturdy 6.5 mm plywood
    • Features: Letter slot, separate table / window sill for the window
    • Assembly: Can be assembled and disassembled at lightning speed without tools.
    • Use: Suitable for indoor use

    EAN 6011432142149


    • Material Birch multiplex 6,5 mm
    • Assembly No screws

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