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    Cabinet Amsterdam Original

    Cabinets inspired on old Dutch gablehouses.
    These cabinets are an original eyecatcher in your interior. They can be used as wardrobe in the entrance, hallway or childrensroom. To store toys, books, officesupply, kitc

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    Cabinets or wardrobes in the shape of a House. Inspired by Old Dutch canal houses such as in the old city center of Amsterdam.
    The "Kast van een Huis" is a multifunctional storage unit that is timeless in terms of design and quality. The design for "the Amsterdam" has become a classic, and was elected as one of the best designs for (children's) furniture in recent decades.
    The Amsterdam series (a bellgable, stepped-/stairgable and neckgable cabinet) has therefore claimed  a permanent place in the Museum of Art in Philadelphia, US. 
    This cabinet comes standard with 3 height-adjustable shelves and an optional clothesbar.
    The backside and interior of these cabinets do have the same high finishing level as the exterior. The bottom of the cabinet has been widened, so it can hardly tilt. You can also place a row of cabinets  in the middle of the room to create a roomdivider or "streat" of cabinets.
    Material cupboard: MDF, clothesbar: beech.
    Finished with non-toxic varnish.

    Standard cabinets are available in bellgable and stair gable, 198/55/55 cm in 7 standardcolours, tailormade/custom color is possible. 

    Customized cabinets are available in: 
    3 facade types: bellgable, stepped- or stairgable, neckgable
    3 sizes: 198/55/55 cm, 216/60/60 cm and 216/60/40 cm
    Standard and custom colors.

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